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ZeroIN develops technology to end sugar overload

Your favorite sweets without aftertaste

Sugar overload is a massive and universal problem. But, current sugar alternatives fail to satisfy consumers due to their unpleasant aftertaste.


Remove aftertaste and increase adoption

ZeroIN helps ingredient, food and beverage manufacturers meet their sugar reduction goals.

Replace sugar 1:1
Same bulking and sweetness of sugar

Enjoying Ice Cream

Keep the taste customers love

Eliminate the aftertaste consumers don't like


Boost nutritional and health profile

Abstract Background


Food and beverage manufacturers can turn to ZeroIN for a sustainable solution to reduce sugar.
ZeroIN developed a scalable and versatile platform to customize the sweet profile of carbohydrates and sweeteners. 

For beverage manufacturers:


ZeroIN provides next-gen sweeteners with the bulk and sweetness of sugar, but without the aftertaste.

For sweetener manufacturers:

ZeroIN developed scalable technologies to make sweeteners taste like sugar, no aftertaste

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