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House in the Woods

Gain a competitive edge with the most scalable sugar alternative consumers actually want & need

Inspired by nature.

Increasing obesity and diabetes due to sugar overload has become one of modern society's biggest challenges.

The food, beverage and pharma industries need a sweetener to make the products we consume. By
providing them with functional sweet fibers inspired by nature, we help reduce the amount of added sugar worldwide.

Is it good? We invite you to try

Why functional sweet fibers

Drop-in sugar replacement

Same bulking and sweetness of sugar, so no formulation nightmares.

Enjoying Ice Cream

Keep the taste consumers love

First is taste, second is taste and then taste.

Boost nutritional and health profile

So you can meet your sugar reduction target and boost nutritional profile, at the same time.


Best cost

Massively scalable plus most cost-effective feedstock conversion technology.


ZeroIN developed the world's most cost-effective technology to customize the sweet and nutritional profile of massively abundant feedstocks.

Natural feedstocks + ZeroIN = Sweetening, bulking, better nutrition, best cost.

The best tool to reduce sugar food and beverage manufacturers wish they had in their products.
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