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ZeroIN developed a breakthrough dietary fiber, that provides the same bulking and sweetness of sugar 1:1, while delivering gut health benefits at the best cost in the industry

From natural sources.

Combating the increasing rate of obesity and diabetes due to excessive sugar consumption presents one of modern society's biggest challenges. But current sugar substitutes fall short. 


ZeroIN created the most cost-effective drop-in sweetener, replacing sugar one-to-one while boosting nutrition.

Why  sweet fibers?

Drop-in sugar replacement

Introducing our revolutionary natural drop-in sweetener that seamlessly replaces sugar one to one. Not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth, but it also improves nutrition by offering a healthier alternative. What's more, our innovative solution contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making it an eco-conscious choice for a sustainable future. Experience the sweetness you love while embracing a natural, nutritious, and environmentally friendly option.

Enjoying Ice Cream

Keep the taste consumers love

Taste is the biggest point consumers care about.

Boost nutritional and health profile

Sweet Fiber provides prebiotic benefits and improved nutritional profile.


Best cost
Lower cost to scale and use.


ZeroIN developed the world's most cost-effective technology to customize the sweetness and nutritional profile of natural and abundant feedstocks.

Natural feedstocks + ZeroIN = Sweetening, bulking, gut health, best cost.

“the most revolutionary ingredient in the food industry

that can have a huge impact on nutrition and sustainability"

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