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Tired of the aftertaste of sweeteners?
You are not alone.

About Us

The Why? Sugar overload is one of the biggest problems of modern society.

The Pain: Consumers don't like the unpleasant aftertaste of high-intensity sweeteners. 

ZeroIN is a food-tech company developing next-gen sweeteners to eliminate this problem.

Why do we have to compromise taste or health to enjoy our sweets?

As we face continually increasing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other metabolic diseases, most of our food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals contain excessive added sugar. The impact of sugar overload is so vast and far-reaching that it represents one of the biggest problems faced by modern society.

For too long, we have continued to compromise our health and our foods. To the consumer, you deserve a different option, one where you can enjoy your sweets without compromising taste, health, or the environment. To the manufacturer, you deserve a different option, one where you can replace sugar one-to-one without headaches. This can only be built through intentional and creative innovation.

ZeroIN is taking on these challenges and reimagining the future of sweetness for today and the next generations to come. ZeroIN is defined by its combination of proprietary algorithms,  innovative approach to transforming matter, and long-term vision.


Our vision is a future where food, beverages, supplements, and pharmaceuticals can meet evolving societal needs without contributing to the sugar overload problem. More importantly, a future where we can enjoy our sweets without compromising our taste, our health, or the environment.



We are on a mission to eliminate the world's biggest contributor to chronic diseases: sugar overload


A sweetness that delights without compromising your experience, your body, or the environment.

Meet the Team

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