Sugar overload is one of the biggest problems of modern society, yet without a solution.

ZeroIN is an early-stage company developing technologies to overcome this problem.

Our Story

In 2016 ZeroIN founder, Dr. Edgar Sosa found out that his wife Lety was pregnant with their baby girl. Late into her second trimester they learned that Lety and their unborn daughter were at risk of gestational diabetes.


At that time, Dr. Sosa had just completed his Ph.D. in Health Science and wanted to find a way to help control his wife’s blood sugar levels. For her health and the health of their baby. Digging into the research knowing that there had to be a natural solution, Dr. Sosa discovered that some plants, like Moringa, can help reduce blood glucose levels.


They learned that practicing preventative care rather than having to cure potential complications later in life was crucial for her and could be for others as well. This experience changed their lives and marked the beginning of the family business that would become ZeroIN.

Birth Doula with Couple
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We are on a mission to disrupt the world's biggest contributor to chronic diseases. Sugar overload


A better sweet in every food and beverage worldwide.